AU: Exchange
RedLine Annual Artist-in-Residence Exhibition, RedLine, Denver, CO
Curated by Cortney Lane Stell
Tooth highlights various types of interpersonal, non-verbal exchange and questions the value of physical appearance. This piece originates from my experience without a maxillary lateral incisor. As a hereditary trait passed down from my mother, I was born missing this tooth. Braces meant to correct this flaw made room for a “Maryland bridge,” an artificial tooth attached to the two adjacent teeth. This dental bridge held for eight years, fell out at inconvenient times, eventually broke, and then was replaced. The new bridge then began falling out with greater frequency, less likely to glue back into place after each failure. A new, more permanent solution was very expensive; causing me to question what appearance is worth in interpersonal exchanges.

The composite tooth is made from a mold taken from my mother’s maxillary first bicuspid. 

Curatorial Statement
This exhibition reconsiders gold, and the relationship of RedLine artists with the material and the economy. Each resident artist was given a 2.5 gram gold bar to use in relation to the exhibition. Titled after the material’s relationship to the concept, chemical ele­ment symbol for gold as a material and exchange references organized markets, financial systems, and the exchange that happens between artist and curator.