Second Attempt

First Draft
Exhibition for the 2013 Biennial of the Americas
McNichols Building Civic Center Park, Denver, CO
Curated by Cortney Lane Stell
This work is the second attempt at a large scale, site-specific, string installation. The composition created by multiple, thin gray-scale string formed a large, abstract “drawing” within the space of this historic building. Utilizing the ceilings, windows, and rafters, the work moved through the space as if contiguous. Created by building a large work from many small units, this piece is simultaneously delicate and architectural.
Emphasizing a state of change, the delicate lines of string fade in and out of sight depending on the perspective of the viewer and the color of the space behind the string. For instance, the black string seemed to disappear in the dark ceiling but was prominent against the white walls and windows. At night, against the darkened windows, the black string faded to invisibility. The varying tones of gray wandered between present and absent depending on the viewer’s perspective. The composition and visibility of the piece was in a constant state of flux and perpetual change.
Understanding that every finished work has opportunities for improvement, reconfiguration and re-realization, the materials used in this work continue to be utilized in sculptural works again, and again.

Curatorial Statement
First Draft examines the relation between the artistic process and drafting. Featuring the work of twenty-two Colorado artists, the exhibition highlights the role of the artist as an investigator of new or unfamiliar ideas and forms. In this sense, a draft, rather than being a stage on the way to a final version, is a completed work of art in itself, representing a paused moment within an artist’s exploratory practice.