In Apposition

Material Engagements
RedLine Annual Artist-in-Residence Exhibition, RedLine, Denver, CO
Curated by Harmony Hammond
Apposition is a grammatical term describing the relationship between two or more words which have the same referent or are grammatically parallel. In this piece, indefinable objects are placed in interrelation, setting up a dialogue through approximation, like words in a sentence. The mixing of objects and materials both found and made, some two-dimensional, some three-dimensional, highlight the differences in each object; yet similarities in scale, color palette and recurring formal elements link the objects and portray similarities. In this corner a dynamic conversation emerges about body and flesh, internal and external, found and made.

Curatorial Statement
Harmony Hammond, artist and independent curator asked resident artists to explore the concept of "material engagements" for RedLine's 2012 Annual Artist-in-Residence exhibition. She explains: "Material Engagements presumes that materials and their manner of manipulation and presentation function as carriers of meaning as much as sign, symbol, and representation. It presumes an aesthetic activism, an intentionality of content. It intends to interrogate occupations, intersections, erasures and spaces of complex messy positioning."