Hiding in plain sight

drone, fake plants, dress, ear piece, pillow, artist, assistants

Peep Show
Doors Open Denver, Denver Architectural Foundation, Denver, CO
Curated by Cortney Lane Stell

For this experimental project at Castle Marne, Schaefer explored a new subject: the tension between invisibility and visibility in relation to the coping mechanism of denial. When considering the simultaneously private and public nature of a bed and breakfast, she considered the various situations we find ourselves willingly giving up our privacy, denying or conceding to being tracked, and the many times we nonchalantly click “accept” without reading the fine print. Executed in the Presidential Suite of the Denver bed and breakfast, Castle Marne during the Denver Architectural Foundation's Doors Open Denver, this project acknowledges the absurdity of negating truth and hopes to reflect on the merits and failings of both invisibility and visibility as radical acts.

Videography by Kim Shively

Still Photos by Wes Magyar