1996 Nissan XE Pickup, steam, privacy film, volunteers
Drive-In: Personal Space
Black Cube Nomadic Museum, Denver, CO
Co-curated by Ruth Bruno and Cortney Lane Stell

My husband got this white, 1996 Nissan XE Pickup the same month we started dating in December 2004, thus immediately becoming intimately connected to our relationship. Since then, and early on especially, this vehicle was the location for many of our emotional and physical romantic experiences. Now, the truck can’t pass emissions and has no insurance or registration. But the windows still steam up.

About the Exhibition
Drive-In: Personal Space was a one-night exhibition which features contemporary art in vehicles, as exhibition spaces. Visitors were invited to sit inside of or peer into car windows to see a variety of multi-media installations.

Pop Up Experiments are a Black Cube program that engages Colorado artists to produce experimental temporary exhibitions. This program builds the local creative community by fostering new forms of expression, and promoting unique exhibition opportunities – outside of the white cube – that give the public unexpected experiences with contemporary art. Through this program we bring together local contemporary artists in dialogue with a curator to conceptualize artworks for innovative, short-term public exhibitions.