A Collection of Vibrational Objects

An installation for the exhibition Jokes of Nature
RedLine, Denver, CO
Curated by Donald Fodness and Geoffrey Shamos.
September 4 - October 24, 2015

This installation is a glimpse into my studio practice and my handling of objects. My sculptures and drawings are made up of materials that were gifted, found, or are remnants from past artworks. Sometimes the materials used to make the work are then used as materials in the work itself (the plastic drop cloths used to paint the other materials, for example). By not treating the constituent parts as precious I am able to manipulate and transform objects in multiple iterations and without hindrance. In the making of these new things and the handling of the materials I intuitively consider the relationship between each object.

Using materials from past projects reconfigured over and over again reinforces a conversation about impermanence, interrelationship, and cycle as seen in nature. I am especially thoughtful of disturbing yet naturally-occurring events or organic states—death being a prime and reoccurring subject.

These objects are at times unidentifiable but strangely familiar. In this vibrating, tenuous space this collection of objects oscillate between the macro and micro, the internal and external, the organic and synthetic, life and death, the grotesque and beautiful. This unsettled area is a constantly moving target that I continuously set up and aim for in my work.